This is the second rate increase this year, and the largest (maybe ever)! The lowest cost we can ship something now (up to one pound) has gone up to $4.63 – from $4.13 in January and $3.65 a year ago.  That's a hefty increase.  And the shipping costs for all heavier/larger packages have gone up proportionately, as well. 

We only recently raised our lowest shipping charge to $4.25 (out of which PayPal takes roughly 15¢), so we will hold our shipping charges as they are for awhile longer, but will need to raise them eventually.  The current plan is to implement the shipping charge hike in two stages, to reduce the pain:  on or about Labor Day, we will implement half of the increase, and then after Hallowen, when the holiday shopping – and shipping – starts to kick in, we will implement the rest of the raise.

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