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As of  1 July 2021 major changes were implemented in international shipments coming into the EU from the USA.  Copacetic does NOT have the capability to collect and pre-pay customs fees and VAT.  All of our shipments are sent Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU).  This means that EU residents who place an order through this site can expect to pay an ADDITIONAL 21% of the total order cost – including shipping – in VAT fees to the customs authority in your country before the package containing your order will be released to you.  

Thus, for example, a $60 order that has a $40 shipping charge will incur an additional VAT fee of at least $21, that the customer will have to remit to the customs authority, bringing the total cost of the order to at least $121.  EU residents will be paying this VAT fee regardless, but other internet sellers will be collecting this fee upfront (meaning you would pay them $121 for your order and be done with it, whereas ordering from us you pay us $100 and then your customs service $21, making for the same total amount).  

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