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Now that autumn has arrived, the shop is cooling off and we’re starting to look ahead.  While, of course, this site remains ever-accessible, anyone planning to visit the shop is emphatically advised to call ahead and make an appointment. Given the uncertainties put into play by the rising infection and positivity rates, we may have to further curtail the number of customers in the shop at any given time, and it is within the realm of possibility that the shop may have to abruptly and unexpectedly close.  So it will best serve customers – you – to check in before heading over.  To make an appointment, simply call 412-251-5451 or email .  There is no penalty for no-shows or cancelling, but we would appreciate a heads up if you can’t make it or change your mind.

Also, we would like to let customers know that, for what it’s worth, we have installed the highest level HVAC filtration – MERV 13 – that our furnace can handle.  We are also – currently – keeping the door to the outside open and running an exhaust fan in the rear of the shop when customers are in the shop, so the air in the shop is being continually renewed.

The same, current restrictions are – and will remain – in place:

1) Masks are required to be worn in the shop at all times.

2) Complimentary medical gloves and hand-sanitizer are provided upon entry to the shop.  One or the other – or both, if you prefer –  is required to be employed by customers before handling any merchandise.

3) There is a limit of three customers in the shop at any one time *(with the exception of a family or other non-social-distancing group traveling together, which may then exceed this limit)*.

Again, given this limitation we are offering – and strongly recommending – appointments.  We especially recommend appointments to anyone making a special trip to visit the shop.

Anyone without an appointment arriving when the shop is at capacity is, of course, welcome to wait on the porch and/or browse our bargain hall offerings.

Also, re: waiting time – we are, generally, limiting shop visits to 30 minutes.  

The current hours available to visit and/or make an appointment to visit the shop are:

Thursdays through Mondays, 11:00am to 5:00pm

(in other words, the shop is currently CLOSED on Tuesdays and Wednesdays; please note).

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