Pictures of the Floating World: An Introduction to Japanese Prints by Sarah E. Thompson | published by Abbeville

Ukiyo-e prints, which are a big favorite here at Copacetic, given the historical similarities in their development to that of comics and, of course, to their providing so much to the development of manga – not to mention their innovative formal qualities, amazing hand-crafted beauty, and sensuous æsthetic appeal.

A great number of books have been published over the years on these prints and the artists who made them, but this one really stands out. It is printed in the traditional Japanese style known as fukuro-toji, with a sewn binding and a slipcase, the latter of which allows for the inclusion of a translucent envelope containing three 6" x 8", suitable-for-framing prints.  The book itself has a very strong tactile appeal.  The contents primarily consist of gorgeous full color reproductions of Ukiyo-e prints and related artworks, but also includes a substantial text on the history of the form along with plenty of sumptuous, full color reproductions.  A real pleasure to hold and peruse.  Take a look!




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