Yes, we're in the home stretch of 2023, as hard as that may be to believe.  And as this is the first online-only holiday season, here's our picks for a Copacetic Christmas 2023, and here's our much shorter list for books (and, just so you know, these lists are both still under construction, as new holiday items are still arriving on a daily basis).  Also: Pittsburgh shoppers will be able to find most of these items at Doomed Planet Comics in the former Copacetic digs at 3138 Dobson.  Doomed Planet will also be offering Gift Certifcates (and, for any procrastinators out there, they will also honor outstanding Copacetic Gift Certificates; whew!).

Today we're going to highlight a limited edition, handmade-in-Pittsburgh item, the Sense of Place Pittsbugh Postcard Box Set.

And, as the unpacking of the move continues, more items that were previously unlisted and/or thought to have been out of stock also continue to turn up.  So, anyone curious to see what they are can do so via the option category Discovered During the Move!, which all of these new and/or reactivated listings will be so tagged.  Some of these items are standard price, some are collector priced due to scarcity (but at below market), and some are sale priced.  We still have a looong way to go in the unpacking, so anyone interested in doing so will have reason to check back on occasion to see what else turns up.  Also, please note:  most of these items are only single copies.



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