We've been carrying most of the publications produced by Pittsburgh-based air and nothingness press here at Copacetic for just about as long as the shop has been around.  AAN was founded in 1997, not long before we opened our doors, and its books found their way onto our shelves soon thereafter.  AAN  has recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary, so we thought we'd take a moment to highlight a few of its recent releases.  An AAN specialty is themed anthologies, the latest of which, The Librarian, is perhaps their most ambitious project yet.  The first volume comes in four different designs, reflecting its bibliocentric theme.


AAN has a strong design sensibility with a notable housestyle, nowhere is this more evident than in its new tabloid newspaper series, AaNX.  Take a look:

All these and many more are available in our shop and also online, directly from AAN, HERE.

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