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OK, it is now possible once again to visit the shop without an appointment!  We do, however, continue to recommend to those making a special trip to the shop to consider making an appointment, as there continues to be a limit of the number of people in the shop at any one time; although we have now raised that limit to FIVE people.  Should anyone without an appointment arrive at the shop when it is at capacity, they will be asked to wait outside in the hall (where there are still comics and books to peruse) or on the porch (which is now quite nice, as long as it's not raining hard).  Those arriving with an appointment will be given priority.

The following restrictions remain in place: 

1) Masks are required to be worn in the shop at all times. 

2) Complimentary medical gloves and hand-sanitizer are provided upon entry to the shop.  One or the other – or both, if you prefer –  is required to be employed by customers before handling any merchandise.  

3) There is a limit of five customers in the shop at any one time.

Here's the current hours, which can also be found on the side bar at right:



Mondays:   11am - 4pm

Tuesdays:   CLOSED

Wednesdays:   CLOSED

Thursdays:   11am - 4pm

Fridays:   11am - 4pm

Saturdays:   11am - 5pm

Sundays:   CLOSED


Here's to spring!

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