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Comics community stalwart, and comics newsite pioneer, Tom Spurgeon passed away on Novermber 13, at age 50.  Spurgeon founded The Comics Reporter in 2004 and piloted it for over a decade and a half, along the way creating arguably the most important online space for the dissemination of comics news and goings on in North America, enabling far flung and isolated comics readers to feel connected to the overall comics community. Prior to that he co-wrote the first serious biography of Stan Lee, and, from 1994 to 1999, was the editor of The Comics Journal.  Recently, starting in 2015, he had taken on the additional duty of Executive Director of Comics Crossroads Columbus (CXC).

Among many generous acts, he donated his extensive personal collection of small press, self-published and hand made comics (aka "mini-comics") to help found The Dylan Williams Collection at the Billy Ireland Museum

He will be missed.


photo by Rob Clough (we think)


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