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Yes, that's right, THE SHOP IS NOW OPEN – with the following restrictions in place: 

1) Masks are required to be worn in the shop at all times. 

2) Complimentary medical gloves and hand-sanitizer are provided upon entry to the shop.  One or the other is required to be employed by customers before handling any merchandise.  

3) There is a limit of three customers in the shop at any one time *(with the exception of a family traveling together, which may then exceed this limit).  Given this limitation we are offering – and recommending (but not requiring) – appointments.  We especially recommend appointments to anyone making a special trip to visit the shop.  

The current hours available to visit and/or make an appointment to visit the shop are:  

Thursdays through Mondays 

11:00am to 6:00pm 

(We are currently CLOSED on Tuesdays and Wednesdays; please note.)

The shop will remain open to customer visits as long as we are in the Green Phase of the Pennsylvania plan.  We will provide an update if/when we return to the Yellow Phase.  And should we return to the Red Phase, the shop will once again have to close to customers.  Meanwhile, orders may, of course, continue to be placed here at for delivery, as well as for pick-up.

All news....