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New/Old Jim Woodring! New/Old Reid Paley!

Posted on 12 August 21:08 (about 2 months ago)

Just in at Copacetic: One Beautiful Spring Day collects Jim Woodring's Congress of Animals, Fran and Poochytown – plus 100 new pages – in an oversize softcover, vellum covered edition. 




And, Reid Paley's classic debut album, Lucky's Tune, has now been released on vinyl (140g; black) in a limited (1000 copies), gatefold edition that includes a signed, tipped in plate... and has at last arrived here at Copacetic!



Conor Stechschulte in Person at Copacetic on Saturday, July 23

Posted on 16 July 20:07 (3 months ago)

Join Conor Stechschulte at Copacetic from 5:00pm - 7:00pm on Saturday, July 23 to celebrate the long-awaited publication of Ultrasound, his nine-years-in-the-making graphic novel masterpiece of surviving a nexus of manipulation, deception and technology by embracing human connection.  

We are looking forward to the opportunity to delve deeper into this complex work and so Conor is starting off the event with a presentation at 5:00pm downstairs from Copacetic HQ, at Kaibur Cafe –  who will have hot and cold drinks and pastries available for purchase.  Upon the completion of the presentation, we'll all then head on up to Copacetic, for book signing, discussion and conversation. 

We’re planning on both cranking the AC and opening all the windows at the shop, to do what we can to both keep cool and have fresh air; attendees will be welcome to congregate on the porch, as well.  Any questions?  Feel free to give us a call!


Copacetic Mail Room Vacation 7/11 - 7/17 | Shop Closed on Thursday, July 14

Posted on 08 July 12:07 (3 months ago)

PLEASE NOTE:  The Copacetic Mail Room will be closed for vacation from Monday, July 11 through Sunday, July 17.  As a result all orders placed through this site after 3:00pm Sunday July 10 will not ship until Monday, July 18.  Our apologies for any and all delays experienced as a result. 

ALSO: The shop will be CLOSED on Thursday, July 14 (in addition to being closed, as usual, on Tuesday and Wednesday).  The shop will remain OPEN normal business hours during the rest of the week.  Hours at right.

Tezuka-Mania hits Copacetic!

Posted on 25 June 20:06 (3 months ago)

A whirlwind of Zeitgeist & Synchronicity has resulted in the nearly simultaneous arrival of a half dozen volumes that together collect over 2500 pages of Tezuka’s work, almost all from the key, fraught period of 1968 - 1971 (and that also include a few short pieces from 1972  - 1973).  Vertical Publishing has at long last reissued the mega-classic manga masterpieces that fully realized Tezuka’s ambition to create thematically complex novel-length works that dealt with mature and weighty themes through a science fiction lens: APOLLO’S SONG and ODE TO KIRIHITO.  Then, Digital Manga Publishing has released an onslaught of collections of thematically and narratively linked short works, most produced on a monthly schedule and at fixed lengths, primarily in the 20-30 page range:  UNDER THE AIR, RECORD OF THE GLASS CASTLE, CLOCKWORK APPLE and the massive THE CRATER. 

Tezuka's powerhouse creativity is in full effect here.  During this period he is churning out in the neighborhood of ten fully completed pages every DAY – with the help of his studio assistants, who were generally responsible for the finishes and details.  One idea after another flow out in these pages. Tezuka gets an idea and runs with it! Readers can feel the story coming together on the fly; the narrative coalescing as it goes.  The thematically linked short works are in some ways hyperbolic descendants of the classic EC shorts, often concluding with an unexpected twist (and sometimes with a WTF? ending).  

Read here in 2022, these 50 year old works may come across to some as ridiculous and/or straining credulity, but… they’re not! Along with demonstrating Tezuka's dazzling and dynamic artistry, these stories delve deeply into hidden recesses of the human psyche.  

Copacetic Mail Room Vacation 6/12 - 6/17 | New (and Recent) Arrivals

Posted on 03 June 19:06 (4 months ago)

PLEASE NOTE:  The Copacetic Mail Room will be closed for vacation from Sunday, June 12 through Friday, June 17.  As a result all orders placed through this site after 3:00pm Saturday June 11 will not ship until Monday, June 20.  Our apologies for any and all delays experienced as a result. 

The shop will remain OPEN normal business hours.

And, here's a look at some new and recent arrivals at the shop, some of which are currently up on the site.  We're working on getting more up soon.

AND... These three books pictured below are ON SALE at a SUPER SPECIAL PRICE!  In the shop and here on the site.