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Phantoro Press Restock!

Posted on 08 July 19:07 (4 days ago)

We just got in a small restock of several complete sets of Bootleg Comics from Phantoro Press. If the past is any indicator, these won't last long!

Phantoro Press titles can be found HERE.

Also ONE copy (the last of this pressing) of Running Numbers 5: The Wedding Issue – HERE.

Short Vacation Break!

Posted on 29 June 23:06 (13 days ago)

PLEASE NOTE:  Orders placed now through Sunday, July 7 will ship on Monday, July 8. 

Our apologies for the delay and any inconvenience.



From the Archives: PictureBox Tabloids!

Posted on 08 June 20:06 (about 1 month ago)

We've unearthed a small stash of PictureBox tabloids from the Aughts – some now close to twenty years old.  Including work from Frank Santoro, Ben Jones, C.F., Jim Rugg, Jon Vermilyea, Marc Bell, Paul Thompson, Shaky Kane – and more!  FROM THE ARCHIVES!


Complete Ginseng Roots Box Set!

Posted on 01 June 23:06 (about 1 month ago)

In the running for the most Copacetic series of the last five years, Ginseng Roots is now available in a complete boxed set – for significantly less than the combined price of the individual issues and collector box when purchased separately.  So, if you have been meaning to pick up this series, but simply haven't managed to get around to it, now's your chance!  >> HERE <<  Procrastinators rewarded!


From the Archives: Rare Early Tom Scioli - The First and Final Issues of the Original Myth of 8-Opus!

Posted on 17 May 18:05 (about 2 months ago)

We opened a box and there they were – a hidden cache of the first* and final (#5) issues of the original Myth of 8-Opus series that Tom Scioli created and self-published in 2000 and 2001, in the process ringing in the new millenium with strong KirbyVibes™!   ||| *We've now sold all the copies of the first issue that turned up in this cache.  Sorry :( > It's possible there are more somewhere...)


Here's a look: