Fantagraphics is the largest publisher of creator owned comics in America. Beginning in the mid-1970s as publisher of The Comics Journal -- still the most widely respected comics periodical in the USA -- they expanded into classics reprints with their long runing series of Prince Valiant collections, and comics history with the erstwhile long running periodical Nemo. But things really took off when they launched their new comics line with LOVE & ROCKETS #1 (along with the less well remembered Don Rosa's Comics and Stories #1) in 1982. The rest is history. What follows is a listing of our core offering of Fantagraphics publications. Love & Rockets, which we specialize in, is listed on separate pages which you can link to from here. For the most part, we are only listing items here that are currently in print. The few items that are not in print are duly noted as such. The Copacetic Price on all in-print Fantagraphics publications is 10 - 20% off (or more!) of the retail/cover price. All the prices that follow incorporate this discount, unless otherwise noted. The fact that a particular item is not listed does not mean that we don't have it: if you're looking for an item from Fantagraphics that you don't see listed here, just let us know what you're looking for, and we'll get back to you; if it's from Fantagraphics, even if we don't have it at the moment, we can certainly get it for you (and sell it to you for 10 - 20% off if it's still in print-- and maybe even if it's not) if you're willing to wait a bit.
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