Copacetic Status Report – Shop CLOSED Internet Ordering OPEN
Posted by on 16 March 17:03 (6 months ago)

Dear Copacetic Customer –

As both the Pennsylvania State and Allegheny County governments have “strongly urged” all “non-essential” businesses to “close voluntarily” for – at least – the next 14 days seeing this as being an important component of the efforts currently underway to "flatten the curve" of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, we have decided to comply with these requests and close our shop at 3138 Dobson Street, third floor effective Monday, March 16 (as much as it may pain us to acknowledge that Copacetic is “non-essential”).

HOWEVER, we will be keeping our mail-order operations active and will continue accepting internet orders.  Given the situation, we will also, over the coming days, be stepping up the number of new listings here on our site.  Looking for something you think we may have, but don’t see it on the site?  Just email us and ask.  We will let you know whether or not it’s in stock.  If yes, we can then send you a custom PayPal invoice (which can be paid for using a credit card; PayPal account not required).  

We hope everyone takes all the recommended precautions.  Here’s the CDC page:

Take care.  

Posted by on 16 March 17:03 (6 months ago)