Hey! It's Pittsburgh

Remember Pittsburgh: Photographs -- This is a great online archive of the Pittsburgh Photographic Library of historical photographs of the people & places of Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Signs -- This is a fun site devoted to documenting and archiving all the great signage that signifies tha 'burgh.  Check out what they have up already -- 144 different signs and counting -- and then do your part and send them your own photo of the really great sign in your neghborhood that they missed.  Easy interface, nice design. 

I (Heart) Pittsburgh -- A site devoted to celebrating the nooks and crannies of Pittsburgh along with anything and everything that the site's creators and contributors love about the 'Burgh.

The Teenie Harris Archive. -- This amazing documentation of Pittsburgh is guaranteed to blow your mind.  It's an  electronic image gallery that has 1400 images currently posted, and plans on adding 100 images a month until 3600 images are publicly accessible.

Small Press Pittsburgh -- This is a wiki devoted to promoting literary creativity here in Pittsburgh, PA.  It is an ever growing storehouse of information that will hep you to the homegrown infrastructure of publishers, publications and the  shops that carry them as well as the  grassroots goings on in town -- for example, who knew that there were so many different reading series in Pittsburgh?  And because it's a wiki, you can be a part of it! 

Pittsburgh Blogs

Pittsblog -- "Pittsburgh has the potential to be a great city. But Pittsburgh holds back, captivated by its own history. The people of Pittsburgh can't stop talking about the wonders of its past. Very few in Pittsburgh talk about its future. That's why Pittsblog is here."

Digging Pitt -- A great blog for what's happening in the Pittsburgh art scene.

Serendipity -- Art, literature, comics and more.

Three Rivers Online -- The one and only Philip Shropshire gives his all to bring Pittsurgh up to speed.

Pitt Lit & Crit

The New Yinzer -- Pittsburgh's very own online magazine.  Plenty of fiction, poetry, essays, reviews and even -- yes -- comics!  By Pittsburghers, for Pittsburghers -- and, of course, for anyone else who's interested. ( And it's all archived online! with a user friendly interface!)

I Like Comics by Yakov  -- Now reformatted, remodeled and searchable, this site is devoted to the critical appreciation of those comics that the site author considers to be especially worthy of attention.  His instincts are good, so it's worth checking in.  Also, there's now a blog for his quotidian comics concerns.  And if you discover an item on his site that you think you'd like to pursue further (i.e. purchase, as in buy from The Copacetic Comics Company) let us know that Yakov sent you and we'll shove a couple shekels his way. >>Full Disclosure:  Yakov is a Copacetic Customer

Online Center for Gidean Studies -- If you're into André Gide then chances are you're already familiar with this site; if not, then you're in for a treat.  If, on the other hand, you're only superficially aware of Gide and would like to learn more, then this super site by local web-whiz Todd Sanders, is certainly the place to start.  And while you're at it, you might want to check out his other site, french lit. research

Wayne Wise's Web-Site -- Learn more about Wayne Wise-- the Pittsburgh area comic book store clerk who made good-- and his new novel, King of Summer, which is now available for purchase at the Copacetic Comics Company and other fine retail establishments, as well as direct from Wayne himself.

Pittsburgh On-Line Comics & Illustration

741.5 Comics -- You can spend an eternity here, at Dave "the knave" White's seemingly inexhaustible site.

Jim Rugg - There's plenty of fine comics and illustration work on view here from this amazing Pittsburgh-based talent.  Well worth a visit.

Skeleton Balls - A big bunch a far-freakin'-out comics and drawings are available right here, all done by a very talented artist working right here in the 'burgh.  Fans of Joe Coleman, Dennis Worden, Chester Brown, Jack Jaxon, and even Gary Panter may find themselves intrigued by the themes explored here, which are unique in their tranced out treatments of religious themes and iconography that use pen and ink to tie together the darkness and the light, the yin and yang, the black and white.   A word to the wise:  these are works that will bug your eyes out and might not be for everyone, as the imagery is strong and some may find it disturbing.

Planet Saturday -- A fun, all ages on line comic strip written and drawn here in Pittsburgh.  If focuses on the adventures of a father and daughter and has just (as of December 2008) been collected in book form.  Needless to say, Copacetic is carrying it, and offering it at a discount.

Wayno -- Veteran Pittsburgh comics artist and illustrator shows off his ample wares on this jam packed website.

Mark Zingarelli's House of Zing -- Whether you're an aspiring artist looking for some pointers, or an art director looking for pro, you'll find what you're looking for here.

Pittsburgh Music
>> all the following stations offer live streaming broadcasts on the web.  Just pick & click! 

WRCT -- The station devoted to music and programming from all over the map; music that you're not too likely to hear elsewhere in tha 'burgh and that you oughta check out.  Expand your musical horizons and more:   Tune in to WRCT now!

WDUQ -- THE jazz station in Pittsburgh, PA, and home to NPR!  What more do you need to know?

WYEP -- Pittsburgh's only listener supported independent radio station, "where the music matters."  They have an information rich interactive web-site that's well worth a visit and where you can learn about some of the many upcoming concerts that WYEP promotes.  Recent concerts include Patti Smith and Gillian Welch.

WQED -- Pittsburgh's one and only 24-hour classical music station.

Moving on to the music makers themselves...

The Deliberate Strangers -- Corrallng spirits driving hard out of Appalachia and points unknown, The Deliberate Stangers mix it up with the Dark Side to save your soul.

Reid Paley --  Well, yes, technically, The Reid Paley Trio is not a Pittsburgh band; but seeing as how Reid both penned and continues to sing the line, "I must've left my heart in Pittsburgh," after having resided here for over a decade, we'd say that he continues to be a part of the Pittsburgh music scene, if only in spirit, wouldn't you?

The Modey Lemon -- Check out these crazy rock 'n' roll kids!

Anti-Flag -- These guys have moved beyond the category, but since they're rooted in and still based in the 'burgh, here they are.  Punk's not dead!

The Boilermaker Jazz Band --  An honest to goodness home grown jazz dance band that performs hot jazz, ragtime and swing; standards and classics.

Douglas Levine -- Catch up with pianist, composer, arranger, musical director and man about town, Douglas Levine.

Cenotaph Audio -- Yes, it's true:   A local label specializing in music that is quite off the beaten path, some of which is actually produced here in the 'burgh.  Check it out and see if you think it's upn your alley.

The Pittsburgh Compline Choir -- The Pittsburgh Compline Choir is a mixed voice, auditioned choir of approximately 16-24 members, that exists for the purpose of singing and praying the monastic office of Compline.  Every Sunday at 8:30pm during the University of Pittsburgh academic year, the Choir performs at Heinz Chapel.

Pittsburgh Places

The Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh -- This is the home page for the entire Carnegie Museum system.  You can link to everything from here.  First and foremeost are the four museums themselves; but there's plenty more to check out on the filaments that emanate out from this hub -- including job opportunities, events calendars and more.  Most amazing of all is the recently posted Teenie Harris Archives --  1400 classic Pittsburgh photos all accessible from this page!  The folks at the Carnegie have done a wonderful job with here.  This is is an absolute must see that you'll probably end up bookmarking, as you're sure to end up going back for more.

The East End Food Co-op -- A member-owned natural foods store in Pittsburgh, PA since 1977.  Featuring organic produce, baked goods, packaged foods, cleaning and household goods, health and beauty products and an award-winning vegetarian cafe.  

Pittsburgh Filmmakers - The original regional media center is bigger and better than ever:  it's a school for photography, film, video, and all things digital; it's a membership organization with excellent facilities; and it's the coolest theatre chain in the 'burgh, with three theatres offering the best films in town.  Don't forget to check out their exhibitions schedule.

Mr. Small's Funhouse -- Theatre, recording studio, gallery, skate park, hostel -- this place has it all, and it's in Millvale!  (Don't know how to get there?  Don't worry:  Their site has an entire page devoted to directions.) Who would've thunk it?  Fall 2004 shows include punk pioneers The Cramps, and indy faves Yo La Tengo.

The Quiet Storm   --  Coffeehouse, Restaurant, Venue.  On Penn Avenue in Garfield.

The Roboto Project -- A Pittsburgh based site that you need to know about.  Make sure you check out the events page as they have tons of shows coming up in the months ahead and there's bound to be some that you're interested in!

The Toonseum -- Pittsburgh's own up and coming museum dedicated to all things comics and cartooning.  WOW!

Pittsburgh Activism

Pittsburgh Campaign For Democracy -- This site serves, to a small degree, as a hub site for activism in Pittsburgh.  It's primary aim is to support the broadcasting of the radio program Democracy Now, currently being aired on WRCT.

Keystone Politics: Pittsburgh --  Here's a site that will help you keep abreast of political goings on in and around town, helping you maintain an informed opinion about local politics.

The World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh -- A non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting greater understanding of important international issues throughout the community and especially within the region's secondary schools.

The Penn Avenue Arts Initiative  --  The Penn Avenue Arts Initiative's (PAAI) core mission is to revitalize the Penn Avenue Corridor, between Negley and Mathilda avenues, by using the arts to enhance public perception of the district, instill pride in the neighborhood, foster inter and intra community ties, and establish an artist's niche.

Pittsburgh Doing

Pittsburgh Craft Collective Blog --  The Pc2 blog dedicated to all things crafty in the pittsburgh region.  The blog is run by a group of crafters affectionately called the "Pittsburgh craft collective."  Their mission is to be a central gathering place for information about crafts, fun tutorials, classes, local meet-ups and other resources specific to the Pittsburgh area.  If you are interested in learning more about them, or would like to find out how to join this fun group, shoot an email off to:

American Shorts -- Presented by Pittsburgh Arts and Lectures, the American Shorts series give Pittsburghers a chance to have a night out with a difference: entertainment that actually has some substance; not only will you have a good time, but you'll come home smarter than you were before you left.  And all for the truly amazing low price of $3.00*!  How do they do it? (Well, to be honest, we think they've stopped, as there hasn't been much action in awhile...)


Pittsburgh News Sources

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Pittsburgh City Paper

Pittsburgh Resources
The Carnegie Libraries of Pittsburgh -- The greatest Pittsburgh resource of them all!  Especially valuable is their resources page.  Be forewarned, however, that sometimes their site is slow, due to the large amount of traffic  sometimes overwhelming their underfunded servers.

Carnegie Mellon University -- There's actually quite a lot to be found here.  Use the search bar and visit the libraries, just to start.

University of Pittsburgh -- Ditto, if not quite the same level of organization.


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Well, that's it for now.  We're just starting out with this and we are well aware that there are  glaring omissions.  Help us out and clue us in.